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The 2018 Grand Jury is comprised of Chief Creative Officers, Executive Creative Directors, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters, Executive Producers and Marketing/PR pro’s all playing a pivotal role in selecting the World’s Best Advertising® winners.

Grand Jury member, Min Seo, is Campaign Director for INNORED Korea, as well as a part time musician and cartoonist. Since he joined INNORED in 2011, he has helped to transform the company from a small web agency into one of the most awarded and creative independent agencies in Korea

Prior to joining INNORED, Min spent 12 years at BBDO and DDB Korea. During his time at BBDO as Group Account Director, he was chosen as ‘Rising Star’ for leading successful campaigns with such prominent clients as Visa, Chrysler, and Mars. 

Min was a speaker at Cannes Lion 2015 and recently lead The North Face ‘Extreme Shopping’ campaign which won Grand Prix at Clio Sports Award 2017

On Advertising:

New York Festivals: What was the hardest ad you ever had to create and why?

Min Seo: When I was at DDB, I led a number projects for a certain global brand which was constantly requesting systematic and scientific proof for every creative idea. I had to go through painful testing process before and after the production. I came to learn that too much obsession with proof in order to avoid failure prevents creatives to shine. Taking risks and being bold should be the right attitude toward good creativity.  

New York Festivals: What was the first ad you saw that made you say “wow!” and got you on the track to a career in advertising?

Min Seo: ‘Cog of Honda’ hit my head very hard. It was unusually a lengthy video at the time in early 2000s which means the approach itself was very brave and bold. Also, the level of craftsmanship was never seen or tried in the Korean advertising industry. Since then, I tried to make advertising campaigns that are not only to attract consumers, but also can make impact on advertising industry in Korea.

New York Festivals: What are your thoughts about clients/brands are creating in-house departments to create their advertising, how will/does this affect the industry regarding creativity in communications?

Min Seo: I actually talked about this during my session at Cannes Lions 2015.
8 out of 10 largest advertising companies in Korea are owned by big brands like Samsung, Hyundai, LG. I believe that dependency towards the mother brands limit creativity and resulted in poor award-winning performance despite the fact that Korea is 10th largest adverting market in the world. Independence is key to creativity.

On Life:

New York Festivals: Favorite music album of all time?

Min Seo: My first and only music album is my favorite one so far, although I can’t predict if my next album could beat my first one or not. It’s meaningful to me that I produced and introduced my own music to the world after I consumed music of other people for more than 30 years. The act of making means a lot to me.