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NYF’s powerhouse Grand Jury represents the most diverse brain trust of prominent advertising creatives from 50 countries around the globe. This esteemed peer-nominated panel provides a 360-degree creative view of the advertising world today.

The 2018 Grand Jury is comprised of Chief Creative Officers, Executive Creative Directors, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters, Executive Producers and Marketing/PR pro’s all playing a pivotal role in selecting the World’s Best Advertising® winners.

Grand Jury member, Luis Nunez, Creative Director with Publicis Mexico has built his career on the belief “that intelligently and elegantly crafted ideas are the most effective means to re-shape humanity.”  While working at some of the most prominent agencies such as DDB, Ogilvy & Mather, Publicis Groupe, and independent agencies such as Made and ACHE he’s created innovative work for numerous local and global brands including Volkswagen, FIAT, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Citibanamex, Henkel, P&G and Casa Cuervo.

Luis’ creative work on behalf of his clients has garnered awards in some of the world’s top  competitions D&AD, The One Show, Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, New York Festivals, PRWEEK Global Awards, El Sol de Bilbao, Ojo de Iberoamerica, FIAP, and Mexican Creative Circle.


New York Festivals: What do you expect to learn this year from judging and what do you hope to bring back to your creative team?

Luis Nunez: I’m eager to see the new trends of this year and how effective the work is going to be using them. Year after year we see that creativity and effectiveness are holding hands more and more, which I believe is really good. We no longer see ads that only ran once in some nerd ad magazine. We see ideas that can impact our society and at the same time sell a lot.
With that in mind, I want to bring some good examples & insights of this kind of work to my team so we can apply them with our clients and hopefully set a new bar of criteria.

New York Festivals: What cultural/social changes do you think will influence this year’s work?

Luis Nunez: Diversity and sustainability. Nowadays brands become more relevant if they talk about human truths and problems, and today these two topics are a big challenge in our global society where big brands will step in.

New York Festivals: What are your personal criteria for choosing award-winning work?  

Luis Nunez: This is the New York Festivals Advertising Awards, so the criteria are simple: Only choose the most relevant and beautifully crafted work that puts freshness into the category / industry. Sounds cheesy but that’s the ideal.


New York Festivals: In 3 words or less, what do you think about 6 second commercials?

Luis Nunez: New opportunities. 

New York Festivals: What was the first ad you saw that made you say “wow!” and got you on the track to a career in advertising? 

Luis Nunez: I must say there I have two favorites:
-Embarazo (Pregnancy) from the agency Agulla & Baccetti. Superb copywriting from Sebastián Wilhelm. It’s a story of a 50-year-old man who becomes a father again and it has a super strong and emotional phrase that ends the commercial: “La beba y yo llegamos a un acuerdo. Yo le cambio los pañales y ella me cambia la vida” (The baby girl and I made an arrangement: I change her diapers and she changes my life). Beautiful ad.
-Droga 5’s Tap Water Project. This piece of work literally changed the way I looked at advertising in terms of helping (I’m an idealist who thinks that in this industry you are one idea away of changing the world). They offered a revolutionary solution to a global problem with minimal budget but with the highest impact. It’s simply perfect. 

New York Festivals: What are your thoughts about clients/brands are creating in-house departments to create their advertising, how will/does this affect the industry regarding creativity in communications? 

Luis Nunez: I believe that talent can come in every shape and form. I once worked at an in-house agency and if it’s filled with talented and multi-skilled people, the opportunities and potential is huge.
The only change I see is that it puts a reasonable and interesting amount of competition into the table, and with good competition, the game becomes better. Just take a look at the in-house agency of UK’s Channel 4, 4Creative. They delivered some of the best I’ve seen in my life.

New York Festivals: What philosophy drives your career? 

Luis Nunez: I think advertising as the huge industry it is, has a strong potential to change the world for better. In this industry, we have the brightest minds in the world that invented a billboard that turns humidity into drinking water; made electricity only with the help of gravity, created a smartwatch for blind people. I mean, in every brief, there’s a chance to change a behavior, an attitude or a problem.
So, I guess that’s what drives me: the constant willingness to change the world for better. And to achieve it, you’ll need a hell of a team that thinks the same way as you.

New York Festivals: What’s the single best piece of career advice you’ve ever received? 

Luis Nunez: A former boss once told me: “Every client can be measured from 1 to 10 and every time you meet a new one, you should measure or give him/her a score between this range.
 So, if you know your client is an 8 or a 9, you should deliver him/her a 10-work. He/she will appreciate it and will be happy to receive more than he expected and probably, he’ll let you do interesting work and challenge you after it.
But, if your client is clearly a 5, you should never give him/her a 10-work. Nor even an 8-work. He’ll probably think you’re a boludo (an idiot) that doesn’t understand what he requires, and you’ll be wasting everyone’s time”.
This advice has helped me to identify my client’s needs and be more effective in my work.

New York Festivals: What is your all-time favorite ad? Or What are your top 5 favorite ads from the last 60 years?

-The new Volvo 740 print where David Abott laid on the floor. The headline said, “If the welding isn’t strong enough, the car will fall on the writer”.
-The Air Asia long-copy ad from Neil French.
-Embarazo (Pregnancy) from the agency Agulla & Baccetti)
-Hitler form the agency W/GKK.
-Meet the superhumans from the agency 4Creative.

New York Festivals: Who gave you your big break in advertising? 

Luis Nunez: My former bosses and friends Pablo Maldonado (who is also a member of this year’s Grand Jury) and José “Hache” Hernández.  

New York Festivals: Did/do you have a mentor and what have you learned from them?

Luis Nunez: Pablo Maldonado keeps playing that role (he’s like Rocky Balboa’s Mickey). He taught me to put passion on every work I do, and he showed me the true power of hard and consistent work. He also taught me to play ping-pong like a maniac.

New York Festivals: If you could work in advertising alongside any one person past or present, who would it be? 

Luis Nunez: Leo Burnett, Sir John Hegarty, David Droga, Sebastián Wilhelm, Gerry Graf.


New York Festivals: How do you tap into creativity?  What do you personally do to fan the creative flames?

Luis Nunez: Basically, go out and live. I think that the more you consume new experiences, books, films, travels, etc., the better ideas will come.

New York Festivals: What’s the one smartphone app you couldn’t live without? 

Luis Nunez: Facebook. 

New York Festivals: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Luis Nunez: New York.

New York Festivals: Who’s a creative icon that inspires you?

Luis Nunez: I can name a few: Sir John Hegarty, David Droga, Sebastián Wilhelm, Carlos Bayala, Gerry Graf, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow. I could go on and on. 

New York Festivals: Favorite music album of all time? 

Luis Nunez: Revolver by The Beatles.

New York Festivals: Favorite travel destination?

Luis Nunez: New York.

New York Festivals: What is your mantra for life?  

Luis Nunez: Go big or go home.

New York Festivals: What movie or book best depicts the theme of your life?

Luis Nunez: Rocky. 

New York Festivals: If you’re binge watching…what are you watching?

Luis Nunez: Suits, GOT, Stranger Things.