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New York Festivals Grand Jury is the front line in selecting the World’s Best Advertising®. These award-winning creatives evaluate NYF’s entries from over 100 countries worldwide and determine which creative campaign will move on to the medal round. Not an easy task. It takes experience, brilliant creative chops, and dedication to their craft.

The 2018 Grand Jury of 300+ creatives are one of the most diverse juries on the planet, with advertising creatives from over 50 countries around the globe. This esteemed peer-nominated panel provides a 360-degree creative view of the advertising world today. 

Grand Jury member Joshua Rueda-Mego is Creative Supervisor for Ogilvy & Mather, Costa Rica. Joshua was born in Peru and grew up in Costa Rica. He brings more than twelve years of advertising experience to the jury panel. Throughout his career he’s racked up a robust number of accomplishments including:  campaigning for a politician whom no one knew and managed to get him elected in second place; making a small agency called Rivera & Rivera (Publicis) shine and managed Movistar for five years; winning the title “creative of the year” at the ASDER advertising festival; directing the creative department of Ogilvy One, where they went from 15 to 30 people in less than two years; and making drinking water from the most polluted river to to raise awareness in a campaign for the Ministry of the Environment. Along the way he’s earned numerous awards at advertising festivals and media mentions. 

On Judging:

New York Festivals: What do you expect to learn this year from judging and what do you hope to bring back to your creative team?

Joshua Rueda-Mego: I hope to learn new ways of thinking. I love to analyze how other ad professionals face a brief and find a creative solution. I hope to give a new and fresh creative wind to my team after this judging process. 

New York Festivals: What are your personal criteria for choosing award-winning work? 

Joshua Rueda-Mego: I like people who invent things. In this moment I see a lot of similar work, even the video cases are the same, I am always looking for new parameters and different executions. 

New York Festivals: When judging, what trends do you hope will fade away, and what “old school” trends do you hope will make a resurgence?

Joshua Rueda-Mego: I think technology is an instrument to reach innovate solutions, so I hope to find great ideas, conceptual ideas, and brilliant executions. I hope to find zero tech bullshit. 

On Advertising: 

New York Festivals: In 3 words or less, what do you think about 6 second commercials?

Joshua Rued-Mego: I think is a proof of the fast food life that we have now. 

New York Festivals: What is your all-time favorite ad? Or What are your top 5 favorite ads from the last 60 years? 

Joshua Rueda-Mego: Color balls, Sony Bravia.
The fairest night of all, Andes Beer.
Find your greatness, Nike.
After hours athlete, Puma Social.

On Life: 

New York Festivals: Who’s a creative icon that inspires you? 

Joshua Rueda-Mego: John Hegarty.

New York Festivals: Favorite music album of all time?

Joshua Rueda-Mego: Black side of the moon, Pink Floyd.

New York Festivals: Favorite travel destination?

Joshua Rueda-Mego: Beach.

New York Festivals: What is your mantra for life? 

Joshua Rueda-Mego: Hate something. Change something.