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NYF’s powerhouse Grand Jury represents the most diverse brain trust of prominent advertising creatives from 50 countries around the globe. This esteemed peer-nominated panel provides a 360-degree creative view of the advertising world today. The Grand Jury’s award-winning international creatives evaluate NYF’s entries from over 100 countries worldwide and determine which creative campaign will move on to the medal round.

2018 Grand Jury member Emil Asmussen, is a writer, thinker and occasionally a doer. He’s still working on the last bit. Emil is a Creative Lead at VICE Media's creative agency Virtue Worldwide in Copenhagen. His creative work has been recognized by New York Festival, Clio Awards & The FWA.

He has worked on campaigns for such prestigious brands: IKEA, Ford Motors, Malibu Rum, AXE, Danone, Statoil and Microsoft.

On Judging: 

New York Festivals: When judging, what trends do you hope will fade away, and what “old school” trends do you hope will make a resurgence?

Emil Asmussen: There’s been this media-first obsession lately where people are so focused on making a VR-video, a drone app or a 360-thingy that they often seem to forget why they’re doing it. I love new ways of telling stories, but I’m a firm believer in figuring out what to say before you start trying to figure out how to say it.

On Advertising:

New York Festivals: In 3 words or less, what do you think about 6 second commercials?

Emil Asmussen: Short is hard.

New York Festivals: What are your thoughts about clients/brands are creating in-house departments to create their advertising, how will/does this affect the industry regarding creativity in communications?

Emil Asmussen: I heard this quote from a CD at W+K that pretty much nailed it: “To a worm in horseradish, the world is horseradish” and that’s so true. If you spend all of your time in one company, after a while you’re immersed by it and can’t really have an objective point of view. I think that’s the one thing that will always give agencies an advantage over in-house — they don’t live in the horseradish.

New York Festivals: What philosophy drives your career?

Emil Asmussen: It’s not life or death. It’s just advertising, don’t kill yourself over it. Have fun, stay playful and the work will follow.

On Life:

New York Festivals: How do you tap into creativity?  What do you personally do to fan the creative flames?

Emil Asmussen: I don’t have a bulletproof recipe, but it’s usually a mix of two things: research and fun. I often find it very helpful to do quite a bit of research on the product and figure out what people say on social media and review sites. You often hear the truth from (crazy) people on the internet... having fun with the ideation is the next step. If you’re laughing, it’s usually a good sign that you’re onto something.

New York Festivals: Who’s a creative icon that inspires you?

Emil Asmussen: I’d have to go with my granddad. He died last year at age 101, but up until his death he still remained curious about everything in life; playing the violin, reading and writing. I think that type of curiosity is key to staying creative.