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NYF’s powerhouse Grand Jury represents the most diverse brain trust of prominent advertising creatives from 50 countries around the globe. This esteemed peer-nominated panel provides a 360-degree creative view of the advertising world today.

The 2018 Grand Jury is comprised of Chief Creative Officers, Executive Creative Directors, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters, Executive Producers and Marketing/PR pro’s all playing a pivotal role in selecting the World’s Best Advertising® winners.

Grand Jury member, David Joubert is Executive Creative Director for Y&R Sydney. He has worked in multiple top agencies in various markets around the world. From Ogilvy JHB to Leo Burnett Singapore, TBWA/Hunt Lascaris to Y&R Sydney. His philosophy is ‘The work wins’ and believes that creativity has the power to change the world. Throughout his career, he’s won over 80 International awards across every major category including gold at New York Festivals, Clio's, Mobius and Andy's, in addition to Silvers and Bronzes at Cannes, Spikes, LIA, One Show and AWARD. He’s also added yellow, wood pencil and in-book from D&AD to his trophy shelf. 

On Judging:

New York Festivals: Why judge…and how do you find the time?

David Joubert: The best part about Judging is the work. We are often so insulated in our daily grind that we forget there is a whole world of work out there. Judging lets you immerse yourself in great ideas and not just the ones that make the cut. And it’s worth making the time to do it. 

New York Festivals: What do you expect to learn this year from judging and what do you hope to bring back to your creative team?

I am always surprised when judging work. There are those moments when you think you have seen it all, and bang, you get hit with an idea that completely floors you. The lesson here is that if you keep pushing for the best, you will find it. 

New York Festivals: What cultural/social changes do you think will influence this year’s work? 

David Joubert: Gender equality is on everyone’s lips and it will no doubt make a strong appearance but what I have found interesting lately is the conversation around ageism. It would be amazing to see some work in this space. 

On Advertising: 

New York Festivals: In 3 words or less, what do you think about 6 second commercials? 

David Joubert: Why? Why? Why? 

New York Festivals: What was the first ad you saw that made you say “wow!” and got you on the track to a career in advertising?

David Joubert: I have had an obsession with advertising from a very young age so I couldn’t pinpoint one ad or moment, but I have had a number of moments throughout my career where I have gone, ‘wow, this is the reason I do this’ Guinness White Horses, The Guardian’s Three little Pigs, Fearless Girl are just a few of them. What is encouraging is that there is something every year that re-ignites my passion.

New York Festivals: What philosophy drives your career?  

David Joubert: The work wins. 

New York Festivals: What’s the single best piece of career advice you’ve ever received? 

David Joubert: Don’t leave before the miracle happens. 

New York Festivals: Did/do you have a mentor and what have you learned from them? 

David Joubert: Absolutely. Mentors are extremely important. Especially ones, in my opinion, that are not creative as we know it as they have a different perspective on things. The most important lesson I have learnt is probably patience. It applies to everything. Patience before sending an angry email, patience before giving up on an idea, patience before opening your mouth.

On Life:

New York Festivals: How do you tap into creativity?  What do you personally do to fan the creative flames?

David Joubert: Creativity is everywhere. All you have to do is pay attention. 

New York Festivals: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

David Joubert: London. I love places with history. History, that you can see, taste and feel.

New York Festivals: What is your mantra for life?  

David Joubert: Find a way

New York Festivals: What movie or book best depicts the theme of your life?

David Joubert: Not so much a movie or a book but I would have to say Charles Bukowski’s ‘The Laughing Heart’

New York Festivals: If you’re binge watching…what are you watching?

David Joubert: If it’s good, I will watch it. My latest favourite has to be Ozark.