Ted Marcus


Senior Mixer/ Sound Designer Super Exploder, USA


Ted Marcus’s career in audio began in 1992 at National Video Center in New York City, where he learned the craft of mixing and sound design. After four years with National, Ted moved to Clack Sound Studios, known for its integral role in the launch of MTV. Ted was then tapped by MTV’s On Air Promos department to develop an in-house audio facility right in the heart of the network's Times Square headquarters. Over the next six years he worked on projects ranging from channel image and design spots to episodic promotions across all MTV brands. In 2005 Ted mixed the Emmy winning film “Translating Genocide: Three Students Journey to Sudan” which was produced in response to the crisis in Darfur. Later that year while working on a documentary about seminal indie rockers the Meat Puppets, Ted was asked to join the band as their new drummer. For the next four years he recorded two full-length albums and embarked on many national and international tours, simultaneously mixing short films, documentaries and promos while on break. In 2010 Ted joined Ultrabland Editorial. HIs collaborations with HBO, Cinemax, FX, NatGeo and others have earned numerous Emmys, PromaxBDA, New York Festivals, and CTAM Mark Awards.

In 2016, Ted signed with SuperExploder, an audio boutique in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood, where he continues to collaborate with a wide variety of clients across all media formats.