Pierre Delebois


Creative & Strategy Director forceMAJEURE, USA


I like to see myself as a generous thinker with a passion for artistic aesthetic.

I've been working for 18 years in design, branding and communication industry at well known agencies such as Brand Image, CB’a and Brand Union, where I served as Creative Director for their Paris office. My creative strategic expertise was honed at Malherbe Design Paris as Creative & Strategy Director. I've worked on clients as diverse as JTI, Unilever, Dior, Pernod Ricard, Diageo, Givenchy, Dufry, LVMH, E. & J. Gallo Winery, Yves Rocher, Bentley, Johnnie Walker, Cîroc, Chivas, Absolut, Minuty, Comte de Grasse, Chanel, Robert Marc NYC, Anne Fontaine, Hotel Costes and many more. I recently joined forceMAJEURE in New York as Creative & Strategy Director in September 2016.

If I have to summarize my belief as a creative, I will say two things.

One is a direct reaction to the world where we live in: 

“Trust artistic emotional ideas to provoke absolute joy and wonder. There's no better connection than a feeling of the really “first time“. Today, Marketing & Strategy is talking too much. Campaigns, designs, wordmarks, stores are all looking the same.

Then, I will quote Edgar Allan Poe, maybe my strongest and most unbreakable belief, the one that make me smile when I start any creative project:

 “There is no beauty without some strangeness“