Maximilian Fritz


Senior Creative NORDPOL+ Hamburg, Germany


Since starting at Nordpol+ in Hamburg in 2011, Maximilian has progressed to playing a leading role at the agency and currently works as Senior Creative Conceptor.

He has created a variety of work for clients including Under Armour, Renault Electric Cars, FC St. Pauli (Hamburg’s famous football team!), ALDI TALK, MEDION and the Museum of Art and Trade. 

As an interdisciplinary creative, Maximilian combines qualifications in film-editing, copywriting, directing, sound design, music production, director of photography and even as a voice talent, always focussing on the creative concept as a whole. His involvement throughout the end-to-end process, from writing down ideas, leading the shoot, to the final edit of the spot, allows him – as a judge – to look at work from all perspectives.

When not working, he is working... on paintings, filming, making music and his PlayStation skills. He also likes writing in the third person – to make his biography sound even more professional.