Kwang Hyun Rhee


Creative Director Daehong Communications, Korea


He dislikes what is called “normal.” He follows fun and unique creative path, and it is so apparent if you see his picture above.

He enjoys creating issues by catching up the rapid trends in Korea’s local advertising field which is known for fast-changing and fast-evolving

Daehong Communications has been his career base for 10 years now, which known as the most dynamic and known to have most various clients in Korea.

At Daehong, he and his crew have the most various clients with such different colors. For that, his goal is to make each of his clients look shine and bright while remaining their own colors as well.  

Recently, his focus is on non-traditional digital campaigns which gives more challenges than traditional TV commercial. He’s been struggling to firmly engrave brands into consumers’ brains through new media these days. And for a short term result of the struggle, he was honored for the new attempts in digital media. His work won the Korea Advertising Awards; 20’s most loved Advertising Awards; Digital Content of the year; and the Korean Advertising Festival.