Justin Sanders


Head of Production Global, United Kingdom


With over 17 years of experience in the fields of audio engineering - Justin Sanders is recognised as a leading figure in commercial audio.


His commitment to the craft of story-telling through sound has led Justin to recreate award winning scenarios that deliver auditory experiences beyond those that could have been replicated in a studio.

His passion and curiosity for audio has provoked Justin to look for different means of executing an idea. He has been known to record audio under a helicopter, in the middle of an F1 racing circuit (with F1 cars speeding past) and in a swimming pool with £10,000 worth of recording equipment above and below water. He only narrowly escaped conviction whilst travelling through Spanish Customs with a binaural head in a box, gaffer tape, cable ties and 32 condoms.

He now works as Head of Production at Global, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment groups - where the award-winning team has amassed more than 23 international awards including Cannes Lions, LIAs and New York Festivals.

He is often mistaken for a ‘Jason’ and he doesn’t like eating food on the bone.

He is still working on his Spanish.