Ioana Zamfir


Creative Director Centrade Cheil, Romania


Ioana Zamfir is born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, where she studied Journalism and then quickly turned to advertising, a field she has been in for over 9 years.

During her years as a copywriter, she was recognized as Copywriter of the Year in her country by an impressive international jury. She quickly raised to seniorship and then to creative management, first as a Group Creative Director of Mccann Romania, and then moving on to the next challenge, that of being the Creative Director of Cheil Romania, the position she currently holds.  

As a creative who has always sought excellence, recognition for her work came constantly.  So she made it a habit to lift the heaviest metals for her country, at the industry’s most prestigious award festivals, for an array of different campaigns. Among them, Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, Eurobest or Golden Drum.  Her “Bihor Couture” scored every metal colour in both Cannes and Clio.

Right now, Ioana is growing creatives to do the next big campaigns of tomorrow. She also enjoys travelling the world, wine tasting, kick boxing, and playing canasta, which is widely regarded as a game for old age.