Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong

Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong.jpg

Partner & Creative Director HONEY, United Kingdom


Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong is partner and creative director of HONEY,

a London based audio company specializing in voiceover production.

Growing up within a multi-lingual and multi-cultural family, Ingrid soon developed a keen ear for the beauty, originality and sound of language and expression.

With over 20 year’s experience in audio production, as part of the factory family, Ingrid has collaborated on projects across multiple disciplines including Honda, Fifa, 3 Mobile, Hive and Stella Artois. Through voice casting, audio production, scriptwriting, and voice direction, Ingrid’s passion and expertise lies in bringing words and pictures to life through the art of voiceover. 

Ingrid has a particular interest in radio advertising seeing it, or rather hearing it, as an important medium for audio creativity; a blank canvas where great writing, casting and sound design not only conveys information but can conjure strong visual messages through the power of sound.

Ingrid also loves karaoke. She sings better in French than in English.