Hyunwoo Park


Founder & CEO INNORED, South Korea


Hyunwoo established INNORED in 2007, now dating back 12 years, and has since developed and positioned the company as one of the leading digital advertising and media agencies in Korea.

Creatively and content wise, INNORED has been credited and recognized with numerous awards in market and globally, having most recently and notably been highlighted in the major press for its work with THE NORTH FACE for their "Exploration" series, with 3M POST IT for its "Unforgettable Propose” campaign and for their "My Straw" campaign for BINGGRAE, sweeping up several of the major titles in recognition.

Media and technology wise, INNORED enjoys ongoing partnerships with GOOGLE and FACEBOOK, as well as with major Korean media partners, and was awarded the top prize in the APAC by GOOGLE for video innovation work done for YOUTUBE last year, having constantly ranked top tier amongst the most frequently viewed video content on YOUTUBE year on year.

Organizationally and culturally, INNORED was listed as one of 50 most "Amazing Asian Stories" by Campaign UK for their 50th anniversary special edition, alongside the likes of the Beijing Olympics and K Pop, with the title "INNORED redefines the client-agency relationship" in Korea, with an emphasis on hard work through team building, a healthy life balance and a pure partnership approach to client relationships, along the lines for which, INNORED has presented an exclusive forum entitled "Less Work More Creativity" at Cannes Lions in 2015.

Campaign Brief Asia also listed INNORED as one of the top five of "Korea's Hottest Agencies" consistently during the last four years, alongside Samsung's  Cheil and the other major inhouse agencies that have historically dominated the market.