Greg Fyson

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Executive Producer 72andSunny, Australia


My ad career began with an invitation to apply my background in science and creativity to launch platforms that are still driving ROI today. After several years of delivering results for brands, I decided to harness my creativity to help others. Today, I work with corporate and non-profit leaders to launch purpose-driven campaigns that aspire to address injustice, inequality, and social empowerment on a global scale.

I’m also the co-founder of a clandestine network of creatives called the Pirate Team. This global collective has produced several culture-shaping campaigns, most notably The Refugee Nation. Our iconic orange and black Refugee Nation flag was inspired by a life jacket, and is currently on display at design museums around the world including the MoMA (New York) and the V&A (London). 

As part of my MBA thesis at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, I’m exploring the future of teaming for creative industries. My research and experience also form the basis of my recent guest lectures at Indiana University, Wenzhou Kean University (China), and Harvard University School of Business.

Creativity is part of everything I do. Whether it’s finding a third life for leftovers, or discovering new ways for technology to empower people to lead change, I practice the values that I preach: we are at our best when we use creativity for good.

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