Cinzia Pallaoro


Creative Director Leagas Delaney, Italy


In love with communication, cooking and candies. I don’t like being categorized; I however discovered myself being a millennial - thinking like a millennial, acting like a millennial, except maybe from being “selfish and apathetic”, like the marketing inquiries describe our generation. I’m 100% Italian - even if my look doesn’t say so. I was born in the Alps, a pure Heidi-style thing. I studied, graduated, mastered, and all the things that make a dad proud. Except choosing a job that can’t be described in 1 word - which are the only useful jobs in case of an apocalypse. Thing about it: Doctors, engineers, nurses, carpenters. I’m doubtful about the utility of a “creative director in advertising”, but maybe I’m wrong. 


Anyway,  I’ve been working in communication for 14 years, starting as a graphic designer in a small and cool studio Berlin, called “Apfel Zet” (apple-zed). Then I moved to Barcelona, where I worked in Y&R for 5 years, and then I moved back to Italy, a bit for love, a bit for craziness. And here I am, after 8 years, with my little crazy advertising family in Leagas Delaney, trying to have as much fun as we can every day. Oh, by the way, I started teaching to some young puppies willing to dedicate themselves to these unuseful, funny jobs. And it’s one of the best thing ever.


So I can stand in front of them, look them in the eyes and check if these “Z” badasses can really save the mess we’ve done.  So far, I spotted some glimpse of possible salvation for the human kind. But maybe it’s just because I’m an optimist.