Chris Ogunlowo

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Creative Director SO&U Limited, Nigeria

Chris Ogunlowo is a Creative Director at SO&U Limited, an M&C Saatchi Africa affiliate agency, where he leads the agency’s creative efforts in managing Africa's telecommunication giant, Globacom.

Recognized for creating some of the most talked-about campaigns in Nigeria, his works have been featured in the world’s notable advertising compendiums.

He ran a startup agency until 2016, alongside a group of anti-mediocre talents whose mission was to create the most daring and most revered campaigns. He used this experience to understand the business and people-management side of advertising.

He has worked with a wide range of clients including British American Tobacco, MTN, Unilever, International Energy Insurance, Coca-Cola etc., in agencies across Nigeria, Kenya and Dubai.

He is currently building a team of pirates who will find the smartest solutions to social problems.

Chris Ogunlowo is probably ogling Instagram dogs as you read this, an incurable obsession that defies logic since he doesn’t own any dog, yet!