Attilio Gianfrancesco


Executive Producer MindsEye, United Kingdom


Attilio Gianfrancesco is an Executive Producer at MindsEye. MindsEye is a multi-award winning production company based in London specialising in commercials, short films and original comedy content. Its roster of directors are ex­perts in cinematic, visual storytelling.

MindsEye prides itself on the original and exceptional sto­rytelling of its directors: its goal is to create the funniest and most eye-catching adverts and films, that capture people’s imagination that are visually brilliant.

Originally from Italy, Attilio has been working in advertising for more than a decade having started his career at shots magazine which was his “school of advertising” before mov­ing to SourceEcreative. His first experience in production was at Hotspur&Argyle where he was responsible for the roster of directors before moving to Great Guns as Produc­er/Head of Sales and Marketing where he was responsible for its big roster of international talent, scouting, developing and nurturing young talent and producing too.

Judging Panels Include:, Shots Awards 2017, 1.4 Awards 2017, AICP Show and Next Awards 2018, Effie Awards UK 2018

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