Alexander Schildt

Alexander Schildt.jpg

Executive Producer & Partner TempoMedia Film Production, Germany


Since 2002 Alexander Schildt is executive producer and partner of Tempomedia, one of Germany’s leading commercial film productions.  

Prior to Tempomedia he has been in the ad agency world  in Hamburg and lived and worked in an internet start-up in California. 

Tempomedia produces films for clients such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Sony, Samsung, Vodafone, Mc Donalds, Hyundai, Kia, German Telekom, VW or Schwarzkopf.

Driven by the love for creative excellence, Tempomedia represents extraordinary international talents. In addition, the longtime partnerships and friendships with companies like Academy, Smuggler, Reset, Believe and Diktator makes Tempomedia a production house with one of the most demanded and most versatile portfolios in Germany.

That said, together with his partners Vera Portz and Ralf Schipper, Alexander made Tempomedia a german creative hub with an international reputation and a boutique production house which stands for the highest production values.  

He produced numerous award winning commercials and stands for his unmistaken sense of taste and humor.

Living in Hamburg with his wife Vera, 3 boys and dog humphrey, Alexander’s heart belongs to Italy, where he spends as much time as possible.

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