3Water Li


Founder W, China


Adhering to the concept "Don't Be A Creative, Be A Creator", 3Water rapidly builds W into a top independent agency recognized across the Asia-Pacific industry. He introduces the culture of "Wild Dog", follows the strategy of "Hyper-media", and adheres to an organization mission of “Create the Community With A Shared Destiny”. In the past three years W’s high-quality, boundary-crossing creative solution kept refreshing industrial standards.


W’s work has been recognized by more than 538 international and regional awards. Mr. Li has been selected into the A-List of Campaign Asia-Pacific, Campaign's Best Creative Person of the Year. He Served as President of China Independent Association, Jury President of Effie Greater China, Jury President of China 4A Gold Seal Awards, Jury President of LongXi Creative Awards, Jury President of China Content Marketing Awards and jury of One Show Greater China, LIA, Asia-Pacific Chinese Times, Taiwan 4A and Taiwan DSA.