Ben Sun Erhei


General Manager, Shanghai/Chief Creative Officer, China Havas, China


Ben was appointed as the Chief Creative Officer for Havas China in 2015 when he was 36. That made him the youngest CCO in China 4A agencies, of all time. He was also the first Chinese creative talent who had been recruited as a member of the Havas Global Creative Council in 2016 and Havas APAC Creative Council in 2017.  

The 1st Cannes Lion Gold for Havas Greater China was won by his leadership which significantly built up Havas’ credit in Greater China. While his time as the CCO, Havas Shanghai improved its rankings from scratch - in top 6 in China (2016), top 3 in China (2017) and top 5 (2018) in China  - as ranked by Campaign Asia.

Another astonishing accomplishment from Ben is that he was the first Chinese local creative based General Manager in China 4A agencies as creatives in China usually have non-business roles, such as leading the office.  Under his leadership, Havas Shanghai office is becoming a young and energetic agency which focuses on bringing China local brand to the world.