Sune Svanborg Sørensen


Cadence Films

Best known for his non-linear psychological films, award winning writer-director Sune Sorensen quickly established a natural affinity for cerebral, thought-provoking storytelling. Already in his initial work, he illustrated a remarkable insight into the human condition and a subtle reflection on societal and cultural norms.

Born in Denmark, Sorensen founded a Copenhagen based film company (Shoot Happens) and briefly spent time as an Ass Professor of Film Studies and Film Editor-in-chief. He quickly lost interest in the academic side of films, however, and went straight back to working full-time as a writer-director. As a commercial director, Sorensen has won numerous 'best film', 'best script' and 'best director' honors (Cannes Lion, N.Y. Festival, LIA, Epica, One, D&AD, Eurobest, Creative Circle etc) whilst his first short already received over fifty wins, nominations and official selections worldwide (still counting). Sune no longer lives in Denmark and is represented worldwide by numerous film companies. He is currently engaged in several undisclosed film projects as both writer and director - amongst others the feature film "Sheep", which has already received a lot of attention due to its original script - thus, luring us with the promise of a one-of-a-kind debut feature .