Charles Howell

EJ FC Charles Howell.png

Managing Director
Framestore, New York


Charles Howell is Managing Director of Framestore’s New York operation. A veteran of the creative studio, Charles rose through the ranks of production film-side, before applying his experience to major Advertising projects and Framestore’s booming Television division. His 360 experience of Framestore projects, seen from three of the studio’s locations across his career - London, Montréal, and now the US - is unrivaled.

Charles accrued production experience across a multitude of major VFX pictures, including Alfonso Cuarón's Oscar-winning Gravity, for which he was responsible for the visual effects budget, scheduling and crew, spanning pre-production through production and post. He was also integral to the delivery of Paddington’s first cinematic foray, working closely with Producer David Heyman to bring Framestore’s much-loved bear to the big screen. 

More recently, Charles worked on several stand-out advertising projects including Absolut ‘One Night’, a VFX-laden epic directed by Emmanuel ‘Chivo’ Lubezki. He has also produced virtual reality content for mobile technology giant Qualcomm, Charles can be found overseeing Framestore’s multi-disciplined outputs on the East Coast, whilst generating new and exciting leads for the future.