Clint Goldman

Clint Goldman.jpg

Executive Producer/Partner, BODEGA Studios, USA

Clint Goldman is the Executive Producer/Partner at the NY/SF-based content production studio BODEGA, part of the Northern Lights post family that serves as a one-stop-shop for commercials, brand content, show opens, promos, films & digital media. 

Clint’s career started in the ‘80s in LA at VFX/CGI powerhouse Robert Abel & Associates. He followed that by pursuing his MFA at UCLA Film School, which led to a long run at Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic, shepherding both TV spots and motion pictures; he produced the VFX and animation for the Academy Award-nominated The Mask, the alien abduction sequence in Fire in the Sky, the Dreamworks’ animated logo for Steven Spielberg, an Academy Awards opening for producer Quincy Jones, & a Grammy-nominated music video for Herbie Hancock. 

Goldman then produced the feature film Spawn for New Line Cinema, worked as an Executive Producer at the commercial production company Complete Pandemonium; then, he produced the Walt Disney Pictures’ animated feature “The Wild”.

While at Bodega, Goldman has won an Emmy Award for his work on The Today Show and has been instrumental in the company’s public service work, which includes extensive creative development and content for the following organizations: WildAid, Haiti’s Artists for Peace and Justice, Trickle Up, Global Citizen, 9/11 Day.Org, Breakthrough NY, Hacking Autism and The Malala Fund.