Cindy Chen

Cindy Yan Chan.jpg

Partner/Chief Strategy Officer, Focus Media Group, China

Aug.2005, joined Focus Media (China) holdings Co. Ltd that is the largest lifestyle media group in China as Chief Strategy Officer. 2017, be selected as Focus Media Group Partner.

A top management team member responsible for integration of acquired companies into Focus Media, privatization from NASDAQ and IPO in China's stock market. Excels in management. Served more than 3000 brands, such as Benz, BMW, Apple, Samsung, Siemens, Unilever, P&G, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, JD, etc.

Dedicated in China media market for decades and as the earliest Chinese top manager worked in international 4A group, also as China media market professor, Chan contributes in media insight, consumer insight and market insight. With KantarMedia Research, pioneered Infosys OOH Assessment System, 1st in the world outdoor TV audience rating system. Teamed up with Millward Brown, promoted MixReach system, the first multi-screen assessment tool in China, which evaluate media effectiveness cross screens from home TV, outdoor TV, pc to mobile.

2000-2005, worked for international media agency, Zenith Media, Publicis. Orchestrated the outdoor team, the biggest outdoor team at the time and act as deputy General Manager of China. Established a standard work procedure including media planning, arguing, buying and researching. The work processes created then is still widely used by 4A group. First introduced OSCAR™, the outdoor media-evaluation system, from the UK, and Chan modified it to fit China's conditions which eventually became the first quantitative evaluation system for outdoor media in China. In addition, a national information base of outdoor media and national outdoor media monitoring system were also established. Such developments contributed to the fast development of outdoor advertising in China.

Prior to 2000, worked In Sales, Marketing and management roles in foreign entities.


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