Kathrin Guethoff

Kathrin Guethoff.jpg

Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan, China

Kathrin was born in Munich/Germany, and took her professional journey beyond the European borders in June 2005, after several years at agencies in Munich and Vienna, serving clients in Germany, Austria, and the East-European market.

From China she continued to hone her skills, working with clients in Mainland China and across Asia. Today, Kathrin is Chief Creative Officer at Serviceplan China, with a supporting role in Serviceplan‘s offices between Russia and SE Asia. 

She spent 19 years in 4A agencies in Europe and Asia, and has been living and working in Beijing since the summer of 2005. With expertise in classic advertising and design, as well as digital, social marketing and CRM, she covers an all-disciplinary field for fully-integrated communication, including branding and strategy.

Besides her professional dedication for communication in all shapes and forms, she finds her passion and inspiration in Art & Photography, Running, and her Courtyard in Beijing. 

– Her motto: “Always stay curious, keep a positive & optimistic view on things. It’s all a matter of attitude – the most important source of energy is inside of yourself.”

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