Sunmi Park

Chief Creative Officer, DAEHONG Communications, Korea

Park, Sun-mi is currently working as the Chief Creative Officer at Daehong Communications which is affiliated to Lotte group in Korea.

She has a long career in Advertising, especially her career is made in major companies. Sunmi started working in the advertising industry as a copywriter in 1992, and has been in charge of the big clients in Korea, including Amore Pacific, Lotte Group, Lotte Confectionery, Lotte Beverage. Her specialties are to create a number of hit campaigns based on the emotional copywriting and acquire various clients through Pitch.

Presently she is in charge of creative solution division of the company and try to upgrade creativity as a leader of many creative directors in Daehong communications. Daehong clients are mostly from local firms, so there has not many chance to try for innovative performance. Therefore, she has had attempted various creative projects since 2012. For example, the promotion of using brainwaves, and unexpected on-line contents.

Lately she conducted a collaboration with digital companies through an event called ICS(Innovative Creative Show). ICS is the first performed event in Korean advertising industry. These performances are reputated well that ever attempted in marketing field.

She thinks that an appropriate advertising campaign these days is to suggest for a new life-style. So she always try to find out the problems and solving its ways present days.

Park, Sun-mi also served as a jury member of the many Advertising Awards such as the Moscow International Advertising Festival, the Busan International Advertising Festival(Adstars), the New York Festivals , and also worked as the chief jury of the Stevie Awards.

 She gave lectures at several places for junior advertising creators in Korea, and also has worked for the 2018 Pyeonchang winter Paralympic Games as Public relations advisor. And from this year, Daehong communiations will submit creative works to International Ad festivals including Newyork festivals by her recommendation.

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